Boutique Service


Personal and Business Accounts

  • Account holders have the benefit of drop and go shipping. Just bring us your item to be shipped and tell us where the item is going and we can take it from there. As a result, the drop and go shipping service means that account holders never have to wait. 


  • Account holders leave a credit card on file and receive monthly billing statements for all services. 


  • Account holders may also be eligible for free package pickup. Please inquire for eligibility details. 

Shipping Made Easy

  • At Shipping Plus, all customers have the luxury of a staff that anticipates your needs.


  • This includes not needing to remember addresses. At Shipping Plus, every address you've shipped to is kept on record in your shipping history, and can be recalled with ease. 


  • The attentive staff at Shipping Plus get your needs met promptly. The days of waiting in lengthy lines to ship your items are over when you come to Shipping Plus!
Shipping Plus Counter.JPG