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The Experts in Packaging and Shipping

Shipping Plus has been named a top 100 UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet for the last four years. Shipping Plus customers have trusted the experts at Shipping Plus for over twenty five years for their prompt, courteous and efficient service.

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Shipping Plus saves You 15% on international shipping

Shipping Plus provides significant savings on shipping. FedEx, UPS and DHL provide special pricing programs to Shipping Plus customers. As a result, Shipping Plus customers enjoy preferred pricing that they can not find anywhere else. 

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Antique and Furniture Shipping

The experts at Shipping Plus are experienced at packaging valuable and fragile items. If your shipping needs include antiques, artwork, china or furniture, the team at Shipping Plus is experienced in the packaging needed for these items.

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Bicycle and Computer Shipping

Bicycles and computers require special packaging when shipping these valuable items. At Shipping Plus, the team is experienced in handling these items and has the required boxes and packaging to get these valuable items safely transported to your destination.

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Freight and wine shipping

Shipping Plus utilizes a network of freight transport carriers for transporting very large items. The staff at Shipping Plus has the packaging needed to build custom boxes that can be required for freight transport of bulky items.

 If you need to ship wine, Shipping Plus can help you! Shipping Plus has the wine shipping boxes necessary to ship wine. 

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